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Update by user Feb 27, 2017

Just to let you all know, we purchased another tub, its amazing, its CE marked, has great jets, a real warranty and a balboa system which is second to none. Don't buy cheap chinese death traps when you can by a safe product!!

We spoke to lots of people and found out the company we bought from was sound. They becoming Bista members also. Company is called "Better Living Outdoors" based in Durham.

Good Luck to you all and remember that little bit extra on a tub, gives peace of mind, safety and most of all no "headaches"!! xx

Update by user Feb 11, 2017

As of today 11.2.2017, Hotpricetubs, wanted to settle out of court. We have now had a full refund and they have removed the lethal hot tub.

Although this case is resolved for us, we are aware that various regulated authorities have a big interest in this company, especially the owners.

Please, please do not buy from this company, as you may not be as lucky as us to get your money back! Good luck!

Update by user Feb 07, 2017

Court has now served papers on "Hotpricetubs", so now we will see what happens. The court process will mean justice has been served!

Update by user Jan 28, 2017

Still no reply from Hotpricetubs, but what do they care, they have our money and the rest is history to them. keep sharing this link for all others to see.

If we can stop others buying from them, we have helped!!

thank you in advance. Will continue to update on here x

Update by user Jan 27, 2017

Today I filed in Court, Hotpricetubs will not respond to anything in the way of phone calls and emails and we have a dead hot tub sitting outside. The warranty, which is a full service warranty for 12 months, doesnt stand for anything with regards to these conmen!!! Totally and utterly disgusted!!!

Update by user Jan 25, 2017

Don't trust this company Hot Price Tubs. The cheap price shows, its too good to be true, but please read about them. Other customers are complaining too.

Update by user Jan 25, 2017

This is what was sent to Dean Morely today (25.1.2017) after he phoned us.

Dean as you know we forwarded information to you last night (24.1.2017) that consisted of the FULL SERVICE WARRANTY that came with the tub, this was actually displayed on your site and we have this information as evidence for court. As you know, you have continued to say the warranty was for components only which it was not and you have been dishonourable and extremely disrespectful and conned us.

With reference to the call made today (25.1.2017) at 11.19am, from yourself Dean Morely the Director of Deansid Ltd.

Dean you stated on the phone that you had a compromise for us, this consisted of, you will send us the parts as they are with an engineer now, or the other part of the compromise is you will send an engineer if we remove every one of the negative feedback reviews on the internet.

I replied I want a full replacement as the hot tub had been on fire, and you (Dean) replied, “I am well within my rights to replace just the components, we will never replace the full tub.

We (Hotpricetubs) could send it back to the factory but it would be at your cost”. You also went onto stay, “that you won’t be supplying a new tub as there is no where in the law that states you should”, I replied, “sorry Dean I think you find your wrong as it has to be fit for purpose”. You ended the call, stating, you don’t want to speak to me any longer!

What you failed to say, is you were sorry, as we do have a FULL SERVICE WARRANTY and with regards to this you would honour that warranty, without the blackmail. That is what a professional business gentleman would do but you are neither professional or a gentleman!

The other issues we have is to date you have lied on the following: 1. You stated we would receive the correct tub, you provided us with the incorrect tub. 2. You failed to tell us the tub was from China in the first instance.

3. Although we had a clear FULL SERVICE WARRANTY, you have continued to state we don’t, even though we have evidence to the contrary. 4. You have stated that we would have the full tub sorted by the 20th January 2017, this is in an email of that date, this has come and went and no repair.

5. You then said in another email dated the 20th January 2017, we have now sent a heater and this is in transit and we will receive this today, or in the next two days. We are still waiting, if you sent it to us we should have received it, so you lied. 6.

You then in an email dated 20th January 2017, “We do not have an engineer and we never confirmed we would come fit it, our warrantee only covers parts and not labour and if you can send me the message from myself or Dean or management explaining that labour is included then we can look into this however we do not have an engineer who works for Hot Price Tubs. We have actioned the issue straight away and arranged for the heater to be sent to yourself but this is currently in transit from our supplier.” We supplied the evidence to you that we had a FULL SERVICE WARRANTY, you still dishonoured this. 7. On the 23rd January 2017, you phoned us at home and you stated that the parts are coming from China as that is where your supplier is and we all know, China is a long way to receive something in a few days.

When we then queried the CE markings, as there was none on the hot tub you said it does not need CE markings. 8. On the 23rd January 2017, Dean you stated on the phone call to us that you would phone us back at 5pm that same day, 5pm came and went and no phone call. 9.

Today, 25th January 2017, you have now stated the parts for our tub are with an engineer that you currently did not have in an email on the 20th January 2017, when Mr Norman queried okay could he fix the hot tub today, you stated, “no the engineer is in Dorset”, although you operate from Stockton on Tees and you didn’t have an engineer working from your company, you stated you would get an engineer out to us if we remove the negative reviews we have placed on Facebook and the internet. My husband replied with, “don’t blackmail me Dean as we have a Full Service Warranty you are not honouring”. You have continued to mislead us to the extent you are believing your own lies, so common sense is from the email you sent on the 20th January 2017, which states the components are in transit to us, how did the engineer receive them, was this make believe engineer who has now travelled to Dorset waiting at our front door to receive the goods? As you can see Dean, we don’t trust you anymore, you have lied continuously and stated solutions and not carried them out to date, you have even made statements of the components are in transit and they weren’t.

We don’t believe you had any intention to repair our hot tub, you just wanted the reviews removed so you can gain more business from some other poor customer you are going to rip off further. Regards

Original review posted by user Jan 24, 2017

We have been hit with HOT PRICE TUBS also, they sold us this hot but and informed us it had 1 year warranty, after they attended to put the various issues we had with the tub right, (although onsite asking for to use our tools and electricians tape). They now say, because our hot tub will not work, that they will only supply the components only and will not provide labour, although they did previously provide the labour (although very much don't know what they are doing to mend it) and we have nothing on our invoice that states, "warranty for components only".

It states clearly, Warranty 1 year! This hot tub business (HOT PRICE TUBS) is disgusting and we would also like to warn others against purchasing from them. They openly admitted on the phone when my husband stated there was no CE markings, Dean the owner who sells to also Ireland and the UK stated, "it only needs to be on the packaging". When we continued asking why it has to be on the packaging only, he stated, "we ship them from China and put the CE marking on in the UK", this is disgraceful.

They are leading customers to buy and do not full fill there obligations. After pulling the side panel off the tub its had a small fire within the electronic structure of the tub (see the pictures that is the bit they put electricians tape around so they made this tub defective as well as not following regulations), also the trip switch never tripped. We have a sixteen year old daughter who uses this hot tub. I have been looking for the gentlemans email address who added his information on his review about Hot Price Tubs UK, but we have to be a business user to see it.

We are taking this Deansid Ltd (owner of Hot Price Tubs) to court this coming Friday as we have heard nothing from trading standards to date and Hot Price Tubs are not interested, stating you will receive your components in a few days and that was last week on the 18th January 2017, to date we have not received anything, but they admitted also they get shipped from China.

They have also now blocked us on Facebook. Much information from others will be greatly appreciated to help and support us.

Product or Service Mentioned: Hotpricetubs Hot Tub.

Reason of review: Warranty issue.

Monetary Loss: $254900.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

I didn't like: I am disgusted with their aftersales and lies.

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Same here they promised to fix back in April, still waiting so threatened their finance company so at least payments have stopped for now.


Paid deposit by credit card. Keep moving delivery so now making charge back on credit card but you only have limited time to do this so if you think they are not genuine (pretty damn sure they are con men) get in touch with credit card people asap (try for section 75). Hoping they have finally folded - not even answering sales line for last 2 days and the other Co they name on their website Spa City have a number on their website that is no longer in use!!


OMG I wished I read these before I spent nearly £3k on min less than 12 months ago .... we'd had our not even 6 months when it broke in May 2017 - this issue was not resolved until only last week, after 100's of emails and telephone calls to the company and several threats from trading standards.

We now have a new hot tub which was delivered 2 weeks ago .... plugged this in, after an hour or so it completely burnt our socket in the house nearly causing a house fire ! We have since spent a further £170 on electrician parts and labour !!

Disgusted with this company and their very poor customer service ! AND they admitted their parts are from China to me too !


We have just bought a hot tub from this company numerous phone calls and emails with no response, very poor customer service. Very concerned about reading the above I wish I had gone to another company

Bournemouth, England, United Kingdom #1323924

Hi - have just read through your review - we have also bought a 'Tahiti' that isn't a 'Tahiti'

Amsterdam, North Holland, Netherlands #1290304

Lol check it out: hotpricetubs.wordpress.com

to Anonymous Penkridge, St Helens, United Kingdom #1291473

I just read that wordpress, that is great website whoever put that together! Well done, no one should scam and put customers in danger like "HOTPRICE TUBS". XX

Amsterdam, North Holland, Netherlands #1290302

Obviously not UK made hot tubs. Obviously Chinese imports. They'll be bankrupt before the warranties expire.


It looks to me as though the AMP plug had a poor connection on one of the pins. The pin was probably not inserted correctly into the plug, so therefore it wasn't contacting correctly within the socket.

The poor connection resulted in a high resistance joint and as a result it generated excess heat.

It doesn't look pretty, but it's not unheard of to see issues like these.....

The hot tub needs a new circuit board installing and the AMP plug should be replaced on the cable.

The other plugs need checking too. I can see that they've been bound in insulation tape. This will be pulling on the pins which again could cause a poor connection.

I have no doubt that HotPriceTubs are a poor company to deal with.

Their website is pretty bad, there is no geographical address stated on their website. They also say that all hot tubs must be registered on the website within 14 days of delivery, if they aren't the warranty isn't valid, which is really poor and probably wouldn't stand up in court.

For anyone reading this that has not yet purchased their hot tub, please do not buy a hot tub that is manufactured in China. Do your research, if the price is cheap be incredibly wary, make sure that you can actually see the hot tub in a showroom and do not buy off a website. It's very easy to get sucked into buying a Chinese hot tub, the prices are fantastically cheap and they look impressive.

But underneath that shiny exterior is a poorly constructed, badly designed, worthless piece of junk.

I've been in this industry long enough to know the problems, take it from me..... do not buy a cheap hot tub.

to Anonymous Stoke-On-Trent, Stoke-On-Trent, United Kingdom #1280144

Thank you so much for that, we feel we have a fight on our hands and this company does not want to make contact in any way shape or form to help/support or offer us any other support. I am disgraced by them.

We have a full service warranty and they stated its not valid, they state that we have never had a warranty with the tub, they stated a lot of other lies too. Would never recommend.

Thank you again, helping others is what its about to not fall into the trap we fell into. xx

to Anonymous Stoke-On-Trent, Stoke-On-Trent, United Kingdom #1280147

Hi there, sorry its me again, is it possible you could private message us please. You have just done a visual report and we would like to use this in court.

But would need your name if possible?? Sorry to ask, seems rude some how, just need to put our information together x

Penzance, Cornwall, United Kingdom #1277060

Terrible! Avoid!

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