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Update by user Jan 24, 2017

In one way i am shocked to learn of other people having issues but also glad to know i wasn't going mad, they made me feel like i was and that i was the only one. They claim to install 28 tubs a month and never an issue...!!!!

fast money for them........ If anyone get Neil from Northern Ireland to install, hold on to his number and deal with him only for your service going forward, he is decent and knows his stuff.

Update by user Dec 05, 2016

i'm please to announce after several bombardings on twitter & the internet & even took my case to UK Trading standards, this has now been resolved at last........it just goes to show the power of the internet, i refused to sit back, i paid good hard earned honest money for my tub & to be treated the way i was, was an absolute disgrace. it was a shame it came to this & a lot of time & energy was wasted when i could have been enjoying my purchase from day 1.

However i am please at end result, my tub is now working to full capacity, i have even received my chemicals with personal delivery and given a second set complimentary, while it doesn't make up for stress, it all helps.

I originally had considered buying the service pack from them to look after my hot tub on a yearly bases, but have definable changed my mind on that now and i will source a more reliable person to service it for me going forward.

so if you buy a tub from this company, i wish you well and hope it all works out from you. to be fair the price is good, the tub when not giving trouble, they way it did mine, is also great and i do love it now that all is resolved.

Update by user Nov 07, 2016


Update by user Oct 16, 2016

you wont find a bad review on the internet, they work very hard to delete & block them as they arrive

Original review posted by user Oct 11, 2016

What started out a dream come true turned into a fiasco.

i got my dream hot tub for a cool €3500, delivered & installed,

loved it, thrilled with it, a pure dream to have.

took 4 hours to fill & 24 hours to heat up, all ok so far.......

ordered chemicals to go with it, they were to be sent on later in the week, again not an issue until that 'week' turned in a month and never arrived !!!

main issue however, the first night in the tub, it almost sucked us out as it drained dramatically & scarily......because the waterfall feature broke !!! which caused this to happen.....

emailed company, all so good to reply within minutes in fact, talk us through opening the panel etc found the issue, fixed it back place myself but knew it wasn't enough so used cable ties, as i am under warranty i was hoping someone could call out to me to fix properly

i was so happy with guidance and communication to that point, i quickly gave them GOOD REVIEW ......

So off i went refilled the tub the second time in 2 days....4 hours to fill...24 hours to heat !!!!!

tub worked fine, still no chemicals but we knew they would be on soon...!!!.....and now one side of lights stopped working.....

I approached company again to seek help & track chemicals.....

This time they ignored me, wouldn't take calls, emails etc etc...after a week and having to 'pretend' to be a new customer, I got the run around and the promise of sorting it......another week went by, I left them alone to get it sorted......NOTHING !!!!

Again i attempted to make contact by all means available...

I then proceed to 'pester' them by whatever means possible, on social media, they kept deleting my comments as fast as i put them up......eventually BLOCKED ME !!!!!

so here I am with a new tub that I have not been able to use for a whole month, no chemicals, no lights, no features, no support and no explanation....

Took my money and ran....to say I am disappointed is an understatement and and its true what they say, if something is too good to be true it usually is.......buy cheap buy twice

Product or Service Mentioned: Hotpricetubs Hot Tub.

Reason of review: all of the above.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

I liked: Product.

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Avoid at all costs!!! Terrible customer service!

MD doesn’t have any skills to be able run a business!! Take your money and then don’t deliver the right product!!

No refund, no compensation!!!


to Abi #1400380


Cork, Cork, Ireland #1278152

Where do you want me to make statement......they have unblocked me also from page but not able to comment so i can only follow them.

to Jane_English #1283848

If you look on our facebook. We named Brooke Julie Norman and we can talk there x

to Jane_English #1400381

I wanted to shop through eBates However this is a very big turn off a big turn off because they want to manage my whole email account by deleting my emails taking labels off what the *** is this terrible terrible terrible

Stoke-On-Trent, Stoke-On-Trent, United Kingdom #1278124

Hi Jane, sorry to keep putting comments on, is it possible you could do a statement? I have sent a link to our facebook page but they said a moderator will look at it and not sure if they will allow it and don't know how other to contact you. xx

Stoke-On-Trent, Stoke-On-Trent, United Kingdom #1278111

They also stated they are selling 150 tubs a month now, the bigger they get the worse it will get xx all those poor people x

Stoke-On-Trent, Stoke-On-Trent, United Kingdom #1278078

Hi there, I have seen you have updated. We also are going through a lot of mess and have a dead tub sitting in our back.

They blocked us also on facebook but have since unblocked us but we cannot comment on their page. We have inundated the system/internet with the issues we are having with them. We live in Bishop Auckland, County Durham and Dean Morely is arrogant and unprofessional in response, when they did respond and also nature.

If you do a search (hotpricetubs on pissedconsumer), or you may have already seen, we are there with you with the issues at hand. I wish you well, although very stressful, take care, Brooke and Julie Norman xx

Wolverhampton, Wolverhampton, United Kingdom #1275618

Hi there I am having issues with the same company, Hot Price Tubs, the hot tub caught fire in the electronic structure of the tub. It has also had various issues previously and they attended, although it was clear they had no idea what they were doing.

They have now blocked us on Facebook, told us yesterday morning they would phone us back at 5pm, that was on the 23.1.2017 and to date nothing.

I would not trust that company if they said it was snowing outside, i would still go and have a look.

They took our money and give us a 1 year warranty and now state its only for components only, although they came previously to try to mend it.

We wrote to them last week and they openly admit they do not have a hot tub engineer, we have the email. On the phone the owner Dean, openly admitted that CE markings do not need to be on the electronics of the hot tub only on the packaging and then went onto say that they get the components shipped from China and they put them on the product.

I want to warn all people about this business, they do not care. I even stated duty of care and harm to Dean the owner of Hot price tubs on the phone. Which could have caused serious harm, our daughter uses this tub and that being an electrical fire, which also the trip switch did not go off either, put our daughter and ourselves in danger. When I said this to him on the phone he said, "now your trying to make this personal".

What an awful uncaring person he is, he is only out to gain the money. I do not know how they are still in business.

to JulieBrooke Cork, Cork, Ireland #1275744

OMG....I am shocked to hear it caught fire and concerned now for my own again. that is awful......i don't how they get away with it.

I totally understand your frustration. We were lucky in the end when Neil sorted us out.

We had the same run around unfortunately and just ate into our lives in trying to get it sorted. Definitely go further with this and you should get it sorted.

to Jane_English Stoke-On-Trent, Stoke-On-Trent, United Kingdom #1278084

Oh i just looked down sorry Jane, I messaged above. I am so fed up with it all but I won't go away, this company needs to be dealt with and dealt with by the law.

The directors, if you can professionally call them that are playing literally with fire. They had no compassion when I said, our sixteen year old daughter went in that tub. I also have started a review on the date above with pissedconsumer, we couldn't take no more from them. They are consistent liars, with consistent false promises of sending parts/labour/repair you name it it never materialises.

Dean Morely, also black mailed us, stating if we remove all the reviews they will repair out tub, but he had said the parts were on their way here already to our home address and they had been shipped, then they said they didn't have an engineer, in an email. But then said the engineer who they have, is in dorset with our parts. Totally confusing and lies he can't keep up with. The bit they kept forgetting though, is we have a full service warranty, in which they tried to say in the first instance it was not their tub, then they said we don't have a full service warranty, but we do!

We have also messaged hundreds of people so far to provide support and also help them not pay money to them. I have to say I am being successful and will continue to do so, the truth is the truth at the end of the day and that will prevail. I have contacted trading standards in Ireland but they said they need their own citizens to report this.

If you need to contact me Jane, I am on facebook. Under: https://www.facebook.com/brookeandjulieanne.norman.9

Stoke-On-Trent, Stoke-On-Trent, United Kingdom #1267143

We got a Seawave delivered on 8th December 2016 and can't get any help as to why it is running at all hours of the day and night (irritating both us and our neighbours), we turned it to eco to stop the noise and get some sleep but temp dropped to 64 degrees and took nearly a day to reheat!! The instructions are like a foreign language - NO HAPPY!!!

The tub itself is great, we too had an issue with the chemicals, they send you a start up kit with sticks but nothing to compare the sticks to!!! So how on earth are you supposed to check chemical balance?? We also ordered a "luxury" lid cover and they delivered the wrong one - we still have it as they haven't arranged collection - it lay outside for days prior to collection but no courier came.

My husband was near their premises and collected the luxury lifter and we were given an extra chemical pack as compensation but there doesn't seem to be anyone knows how to work this tub - we certainly don't.

I am living in hope that they will send someone out to check on this tub cos clearly something is wrong with it.

I'm glad you got sorted, watch this space on our problem.......if you know how this particular model works we'd appreciate your input.

to Anonymous Bishop Auckland, England, United Kingdom #1275638

They delivered the wrong model to us and we still can't get the full control panel working or should we say we couldn't, its not been on fire beneath the hot tub and its melted cabling which they were supposed to have altered and borrowed my husbands electricians tape to tape it up....... They will now not honour their warranty, I don't trust them

to Anonymous Cork, Cork, Ireland #1275743

I am sorry to learn of your issues but not surprised unfortunately. our installer was Neil from Northern Ireland and to be honest, if you got him, you would be sorted.

he was a true professional and going forward we are going to give him the service contract and deal with him only separately,he has his own company and just installs for these cowboys, he is is worth every penny. He even called me personally last week to make sure everything was ok & all in order now. if i were you, keep at them until you get what you paid for and get them to resolve the issues. Go like me to British Consumer agency, they will write to them as well.

they will guide you to your rights. I hope you get sorted.

Haswell, Durham, United Kingdom #1250750

Dear Jane,

We are glad that this issue is now resolved for you. I do appreciate that the issue took longer than we would have liked to get rectified.

We are a new business in the ROI and therefore we did not have the adequate resources at the time to easily arrange rectification of your issues. That said, we have now taken all your comments on board and have a fully dedicated and full time aftersales team in the NI/ROI. That means that any future issues or snags you or any new customers experience that the team will be able to seamlessly and quickly correct any issues.

(They are also a local voice for you to speak to!)

Regarding your chemicals, this is definitely a strange one as our courier confirmed they picked them up and they were sent but because there was no tracking number it means that we cannot record what happened.

I would like to take this time to apologise for the inconvenience of your sale, and i can assure you that we have taken your comments on board, and have resources in place to ensure that no such instances happen again the future.

Many Thanks,

Dean Morley Managing Director HotPriceTubs UK

Barry, Wales, United Kingdom #1247509


Did you not pay monthly?

Was looking at ordering one until I read this!

Eochaill, Cork, Ireland #1241950

Update from owner.......can't seem to log in today......But.......last night I got an email...........it took Trading Standards UK to get them to actually contact me. They have offered a full refund, however I must organise the return of the hot tub & leave it with them for 14 days before I receive my €3k back........i dont think so....after such a bad experience I do not trust them to refund my money after they receive my hot tub..... would you ?

to Anonymous Bishop Auckland, England, United Kingdom #1275634

Don't trust them, they state things but are not honorable...... its court for us .......x

Wembley, Brent, United Kingdom #1233902

Has this been resolved since this I'm wondering if I should buy from them

to Anonymous Bishop Auckland, England, United Kingdom #1275632

Do not buy from them ........... ours went on fire!! They also lying to customers on various topics and we are now taking them to court as they won't even honour the warranty and they have blocked us...........

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